Nilo Schonfeld Wins Long Drive Competition Using BioFlex Laser Therapy System

Nilo Schonfeld, a graduate of the University of Toronto, led a Canadian contingent to a championship win at the el Torneo Internacional Long Drive Challenge competition in Mexico last November.

Recently, I had the opportunity to play a round with him and he drove a 336 yard uphill, par 4 at Angus Glen Golf Club. He missed the eagle putt by less than 4 inches- quite impressive to say the least.

Nilo is pleased to state that he has been utilizing a Bioflex Laser Therapy System for home use for 6 years and uses it prior to competitions and subsequently for 20 to 40 minutes. He credits frequent application to the areas of involvement for his asymptomatic status, despite a rigorous physical training schedule.

When he first presented at our clinic 6 years ago, he had severe pain in both shoulders, the neck and frequently, the lower back. Nilo has learned how to apply Laser Therapy on a preventative basis, in order to help him continue to compete at high levels in golf and the other sporting activities he pursues.

We congratulate him on his singular achievement!

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