The International BIOFLEX Clinical Users Manual

This document is made available to all professional healthcare providers and others trained in the application of BIOFLEX® Laser Therapy.

It should be understood that there are many regional, national and other regulatory bodies that must approve protocols currently available to users of the various systems manufactured by our company. Some of the more prominent of these bodies include the FDA, the European Economic Union and those of individual countries that permit utilization of Laser Therapy based on their personal knowledge, experience and specifications for the equipment that have already been approved. These include many disease-specific standardized directives and also the customization mode that is available at this time.

It must be noted that Meditech in its thirty-two years of existence has extrapolated protocols based on the development of a database that validates the use of these directives over many years.

It is our belief and opinion that throughout most areas of the world, these protocols can be safely used as the primary therapeutic approach. The ultimate decision on how to apply the protocols listed in the International Manual are at the discretion of the individual practitioner, keeping their regional and national regulatory bodies in mind.

At the same time, we do not wish to deprive anyone of utilizing the most up-to-date and comprehensive therapy for any specific medical condition,  as indicated from the clinical perspective.

There is also available an International Review Board generally based at the local hospital or other medical authority which grants permission to utilize the therapy as prescribed. We certainly do not wish to deprive individuals presenting with challenging and complex  medical conditions from obtaining effective treatment.

Once again, it should be stressed that the manual presented to you contains information extrapolated from the data derived from approximately fifty thousand patients treat ed globally, which has permitted the compilation of these evidence-based results.

Our approach respects the demands and needs of oversight bodies to provide control in their individual jurisdictions.

To summarize, the International Manual is made available at no cost to all clinicians and enables them to review applicable directives that have been selected on the basis of evidence-based medicine, successfully extrapolated from the database compiled over the last thirty plus years.

Respectfully Submitted,

Fred Kahn, MD, FRCS(C)
Meditech Rehabilitation Centres

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