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A Passing Thought

Simple Solutions Are Best – the reason!

− not only because they are simple but logical. Generally, they have a scientific basis and are effective − and so it is with the treatment of pain. Conventional methods of managing pain consist of modulating symptoms, much like venting smoke from a burning fire. Usually, pharmaceuticals in varying doses are utilized to achieve this objective, which is only temporary at best and not devoid of adverse effects.

With the utilization of Laser Therapy, one treats the cause of the pain or the existing pathological condition. The logical sequence – the pain disappears, much as smoke will vanish when you put out the fire.

Many people simply defy logic and as scientific solutions evolve, it is sometimes absurd how simple the process can be. Subsequently, people will state, “Why didn’t I think of that?”. The fact is, they didn’t and therein lies the problem.

In our society, independent thought and creativity are stifled by an overwhelming number of factors including excessive regulations, the challenges of technology and expanding governments, not to mention a flawed educational system. All these matters will need to change if our civilization is to survive.