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Meditech Synopsis

Many people are interested in a synopsis delineating research functions, clinical activities, literature, etc. with regard to the operations of Meditech International Inc. that is brief, but comprehensive. Included in the areas of review are:     


1)                  Website:

2)                  Educational Seminars including Certification Course  

3)                  Choosing a Laser Device

4)                  Sample of Testimonials from Patients and Practitioners

5)                  Textbook, “Low Intensity Laser Therapy in Clinical Practice

6)                  Laser Report (published three times annually)

A Dissection of Advertising in the Laser Industry

Civilized people usually utilize good grammar and are aware of correct spelling.  When a company disseminates literature deficient in those areas, whatever statements they make, even should they be correct, will be suspect from the perspective of the intelligent reader.

It was with some concern therefore, when I recently saw a comparison chart of the effectiveness of a self-styled competitor’s product with the Meditech System.  The gross inaccuracies and disinformation contained in this chart stresses the imagination at every level.  The article actually provoked me into thinking that a law should be passed to prohibit this type activity, i.e. deception and distortion of facts to the nth degree.

First of all, it confuses the reader who is generally a professional healthcare provider interested in laser therapy and the public who are seeking healthcare solutions.  Second, it is fraudulent in the extreme.  Third, it provides no benefit to anyone and undermines the therapeutic industry, particularly those who are well intentioned and have some concept and knowledge of what they are attempting to accomplish.  

Recently, I commended Jan Tunér for exposing some of these deceptive practices in the laser industry in his article, “Confounders and Magicians.”  Personally, I found that this was an excellent dissertation and required a great deal of courage on Dr. Tunér’s part to name some of the companies whose motives are suspect.  It appears that many of these organizations are far more interested in selling their equipment, whether it works or not and much of their knowledge is based on plagiarism derived from the more advanced literature and technologies.

At Meditech, the founder and principals have always chosen the high road.  Our mission is to build better devices, promote education and training and deliver value to the therapeutic professions. Having pursued this course diligently of the past eighteen years, this equation is achieving significant therapeutic and some financial success. Unlike most companies however, we re-invest our profits in the development of advanced equipment and wider clinical applications based on the scientific research of our laboratories.

Generally, I do not comment on other products and feel the intelligence of the user will prevail, however, one cannot always be certain of this. 

In our activities, we incorporate the research provided by qualified professionals such as Professors Tiina Karu, Mary Dyson and others with of course, proper acknowledgement and permission.  This provides invaluable guidance with regard to the design of our systems and with direction of clinical research. With an expanding number of clinicians, engineers and research scientists on our staff, our work is structured to be both original and productive; in brief, our inclination is to be the “leading edge” in the field of Low Intensity Laser Therapy and not to repeat the work that has been performed in competent fashion by others.

The educational programs that we continue to offer with a particular focus on research, scientific data and clinical applications fill a vacuum in the Laser Industry that is currently not being met.  

It is my personal opinion that education, while it can be harmful to your economic health, is the pathway to greater knowledge and understanding.  At Meditech, we remain dedicated to science, progress and integrity in contradistinction to others in the marketplace. 

June in Review

June has been another exciting month at Meditech.

Twelve seminars were scheduled worldwide, most of which were educational. Five of these were certification courses held at corporate headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Edmonton, Alberta, Santa Cruz, California and Scottsdale, Arizona. The number of therapists that received diplomas was over 120, a new record! 

The clinics exceeded over 800 treatments administered each week, having broken through the 800 barrier, 3 weeks earlier. It is estimated that prior to the end of the year, we will be administering 1,000 treatments on a weekly basis.

Sales of equipment continues to increase by approximately 15% each month and again, a new sales record was achieved. 

As more systems are distributed throughout the world, we see increasingly complex clinical problems, most of which are referred by healthcare professionals. Many of these patients have received years of conventional therapy without any benefit for spinal stenosis, dermatological lesions, wounds and other conditions.

Last November, we added an additional 5,000 square feet of space to our corporate headquarters and currently we are seeking to lease additional space, having outgrown our facilities once again. 

Clearly, all systems are go!