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Grand Opening of Clinique Robichaud-Levesque

Grand Opening

by Heather Ferguson

Dr. Marie-Josée Robichaud and Dr. Pierre Lévesque are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of the brand new chiropractic and laser treatment facility, Clinique Robichaud-Lévesque Clinic. Located at 5 Flanders Court in Moncton, this state-of-the-art facility features chiropractic treatments, including corrective and rehabilitative care, neuroanatomical acupuncture, massage therapy, orthotic care, and the Meditech Bioflex Laser, the most innovative in therapeutic laser technology on the market today. A pioneer in the use of the Bioflex Laser System in the City of Moncton, Robichaud-Lévesque Clinic’s new facility will be open to personalized tours during a special Grand Opening celebration to be held on December 3 from 4 pm to 6 pm. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be conducted with representation from the City of Moncton Council and will include a speech by the eminent Dr. Benjamin Yuen of Halifax. Drop by for a chance to view the exciting Bioflex Laser System which proved to be the catalyst in the addition of this handsome new facility to the City of Moncton’s health care landscape.

Robichaud-Lévesque Clinic occupied former premises on Church Street for 24 years. Two years ago the practice acquired the Meditech Bioflex Laser System as an upgrade to their HeNe and Infrared Laser System. Almost immediately they experienced a growth in their patient volume as the new laser technology provided an alternative, which is non-toxic, painless and without side effects, to common forms of care. The Bioflex laser therapy was able to address a wider scope of conditions that were usually treated at the clinic, such as sports injuries, sprains and strains, arthritic conditions, as well as neck and back pain that were usually addressed in the past. The system utilizes superluminous diodes and probes which, when placed on the skin, allows photon energy to penetrate tissue and interact with intracellular biomolecules, enhancing the body’s own healing process, resulting in an accelerated rate of recovery of many injuries. The Bioflex Laser System has revolutionized the practice of Dr. Robichaud and Dr. Lévesque resulting in the need for the recent expansion in their move to their present location. “From our humble beginnings just two short years ago, and as a direct result of the incorporation of the Bioflex Laser System into our clinic, we have increased our scope of practice to include patients for whom chiropractic care would have been contraindicated or for whom previously, response was limited or again patients who would normally have fallen outside of the usual chiropractic care regimen. We have also constructed a beautiful new clinic, tripled our staff, and have enjoyed a dramatic growth in our practice in general,” says Dr. Lévesque.

Robichaud-Lévesque Clinic is well situated in the heart of Moncton, and is easily accessed by residents from all three of our communities of Moncton, Dieppe, and Riverview. A multidisciplinary centre, Robichaud-Lévesque Clinic has an open, airy ambience with plenty of natural lighting and beautiful artwork on display by renowned area artist Julie Boulianne, offering a relaxing, inviting atmosphere that is so conducive to the therapies that take place within its walls. The new facility boasts a chiropractic wing and a laser therapy clinic with consultation rooms, six chiropractic treatment rooms, and five laser treatment rooms. The services of a team of seven employees complete the staff which includes RN Susan McEniry who, along with Dr. Robichaud, administers laser treatments, and massage therapist Lisa Blanchard. Robichaud-Lévesque works in tandem with other medical and paramedical disciplines, taking referrals and encouraging people to come in for a consultation. “We recognize the value of utilizing a combination of treatment methods to obtain a desired result, and we work in association with other disciplines from the various fields of physiotherapy, orthotics, and more, in order to obtain the best results for our patients,” says Dr. Lévesque. Robichaud-Lévesque Clinic is a complete family practice, encompassing the treatment of every age demographic, from children to seniors. The clinic is owned and operated by Dr. Marie-Josée Robichaud and Dr. Pierre Lévesque, who are professional partners as well as life partners, and are the parents of two teenagers. Dr. Robichaud comes from a family of chiropractors and specializes in the care of children and seniors, and Dr. Lévesque specializes in whiplash traumatology, serving an independent client base as well as fulfilling roles as a certified independent personal injury examiner, lecturer to the New Brunswick Law Society and the insurance industry, and as a chiropractic evaluator to the RCMP. Together, this exceptional couple has devoted almost a half century of combined years of experience and expertise to the health and well-being of area residents, bringing a unique blend of impeccable credentials, and caring to their patients.

For more information on Robichaud-Lévesque Clinic, contact them at 506-857-0095, fax at 506-867-0017, e-mail at, visit their website at, or drop by their location at the rear of the YMCA building and experience new concepts in wellness offered at the Robichaud-Lévesque Clinic.