Historic Milestone Reached at Meditech International

Release of MultiPort Systems for Clinical Application

In January 2018, a seminal event occurred at the company with the completion and release for distribution of the MultiPort Series of Laser Therapy Systems. This occasion was particularly rewarding to Dr. Fred Kahn, the founder of the company, who had visualized this achievement almost two decades ago.


The design, manufacturing and operation of a system that could power several arrays or laser probes at the same time posed major technical challenges that the designers and engineers involved found problematic. On occasion, they felt that the project was beyond their scope. Over time, however, everyone involved combined their creative resources and were eventually rewarded by a level of success which, from an operational and functional perspective, has proven to be overwhelming.

The premier version of this product-line, the MultiPort Four, features four power outlets which permit the treatment of four anatomical areas in one patient simultaneously, or the treatment of four individual patients at the same time. A second version in this series of devices is the MultiPort Two which offers only two power outlets and is more suitable for lower volume clinics.

A total of three large surface arrays and two laser probes are available for each specific treatment session and can be used in an infinite number of combinations to produce optimal clinical outcomes.


Just think – with only two of the MultiPort Four Systems, featuring eight power sources, eight individual areas or patients can be treated at once. This is a major step forward with regard to functionality, offering a substantial reduction in clinic space required, and enabling one therapist to apply and monitor eight arrays and/or probes in various combinations at once.

Theoretically, and without any difficulty over a 12 hour period, on average, performing one treatment per hour or less, nearly 100 individual treatment sessions can be administered per week. Over a seven day week, using two MultiPort Four Systems, almost 700 patients can be treated, generating $70,000 in revenue. Taking this one step further and utilizing three MultiPort Four Systems, over 1,000 treatments could be administered weekly, generating over $100,000 in revenue. Moreover, from the patient’s perspective the cost would be moderate, while the overhead of the clinic would be minimal compared to the income generated.


With the precise, consistent and highly reliable performance of the Systems, an extensive number of pathologies encountered in the patient population could be effectively treated utilizing only Laser Therapy, with minimal reliance on surgical intervention, pharmaceuticals, and the many ineffective modalities so abundant in the health care systems prevalent today. Realigning the economics of effective therapy in the treatment of large populations would have a significant impact on the existing scenario, i.e. substantially reducing the costs of therapy while markedly elevating the level of therapeutic success. With this approach an extensive number of diseases – the results of traumatic incidents, degenerative conditions, etc. – many of which are frequently resistant to conventional and traditional therapies, could be resolved in a timely manner.


Clearly this historic event represents a major advance in the field of Laser Technology, requiring over 20 years from the conceptual design to application. The process was concluded by prolonged clinical and ergonomic testing, performed at five individual clinical sites. During this period many revisions and innovations were added to the Systems in order to improve function and subsequently increase the benefits conferred to patients.

This major undertaking, which should provide significant value to patients worldwide, has been approved by both the FDA and the European Economic Union. The regulatory process should be completed by a Health Canada review prior to the end of 2018. Preliminary reports from clinics now using the MultiPort Systems, universally state that this represents a major step forward in health care and to date has been met with an unparalleled level of clinical success.

The economics of acquiring the MultiPort System, particularly the MultiPort Four, will revolutionize the application of Laser Therapy, not only with regard to effectiveness but on a highly scalable basis. As a result of the numerous design innovations, therapists should experience less stress, muscle strain and fatigue with the reduced physical mobility required. This will increase efficiencies and extend hours of operation.


The ability to monitor a unique, high-resolution, large touchscreen – incorporating four mini screens – provides continuous data with regard to each array or probe applied from the beginning to the termination of the treatment.

Many other features will be found on your voyage of discovery which promises to simplify the process of application, improve clinical results, and elevate Laser Therapy to an unprecedented level in the pantheon of superior medical technologies.