Monthly Archives: February 2010

Bulletin Board Communication

Enclosed is a Bulletin Board communication that demonstrates what is possible.

When I first received this inquiry, I was caught in a dilemma whether to treat or let nature take its course. Fortunately, I made the right decision which is what we attempt to do at all times. The results speak for themselves.

We have seen a number of similar cases of this type in the past, however this one is somewhat special, particularly in view of the result.

At the same time, we offer our congratulations and thanks to therapist Donna Rasplica, MSc., R.Ac., Dr. TCM, who made it all happen. It is highly probable that this patient will continue to improve over a prolonged period of time.

The lesson to be learned from this case is – “that you cannot succeed unless you try.” In addition, the healing potential of Laser Therapy is once again emphasized.

Bulletin Board Conversation