Fred Kahn, M.D. FRCS(C) reflects on 30 years as a leader and innovator in Laser Therapy.

General Comments

A key feature of this website highlights a wealth of medical knowledge, a history of the development of Laser Technology, many interesting case studies and a collection of important data and events spanning the years 2004 to 2018 as periodically updated on Dr. Kahn’s blog. Included in this highly pertinent collection are matters relating to many aspects of medical practice, the management of healthcare currently and the development and advances in the field of Laser Technology. These reflect Dr. Kahn’s wide-range of experience over many years as a physician, a vascular reconstructive surgeon and his many contributions relating to the advancement of BioFlex Laser Therapy, representing the most exciting and effective advance in the field of rehabilitation therapy in the past 50 years.


BioFlex Laser Therapy Systems


This series of devices are unique, featuring flexible arrays, standard disease-specific therapeutic protocols, along with the ability to customize protocols for more complex and challenging conditions. The legion of cases of healing using Laser Therapy, which patients not infrequently describe as “A Miracle!”, are without end; particularly among those patients whose conditions had not been relieved over many years of treatment with a variety of conventional and traditional methods of therapy which ultimately proved ineffective.

5 Therapeutic Platforms

The blog describes in detail the development of five therapeutic platforms that took shape over 30 years of design and specialized engineering combined with an overwhelming body of clinical data and expertise. This process was highly integrated and collaborative.


Platform number one focuses on musculoskeletal problems, arthritis, sports and soft tissue injuries, etc. Protocols in this area have been refined to specific settings, in addition to being highly effective.


The second applies to wound healing, including stasis ulcers, lesions secondary to atherosclerosis (diabetes), surgical wounds, and the many forms of trauma encountered in the course of daily practice.


The third platform addresses dermatological conditions such as eczema/dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, scars, etc. These lesions present in both acute and chronic form over a number of years with frequent recurrence. Longstanding results achieved using the BioFlex Laser Therapy Systems have been exemplary.


The cosmetic version of this device, designed for personal use, encompasses the revitalization and regeneration of the dermis and the underlying connective tissues. Application eliminates the lines concomitant with aging, sunspots, and many other defects pertaining to the integrity of the connective tissues. This unit has been specifically designed to ablate unsightly soft-tissue lesions and restore a more youthful image to the face, hands and other areas.


The final domain, and perhaps the most exciting area of application, reflects the treatment of neurological conditions, primarily cerebral concussion, also known as Traumatic Brain Injury. Furthermore, a considerable body of work has also been devoted to the research of Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s/dementias, ADD, and autism. Much work remains to be done, however we have developed consistent and reliable treatment protocols for many neurological conditions, drawing patients from around the globe to our Meditech Clinics in Toronto for resolution of these problems. Research in this area continues as the number of cases treated increases in number. Progress achieved will be published periodically.

Current Status Report

At this time, Meditech International continues to refine protocols, an ongoing process in collecting data in order to extend the scope of clinical applications. Furthermore, the company is marketing three Professional BioFlex Systems, the most recent series consisting of the Multi-Port 4 and Multi-Port 2 devices. These have only been released into the marketplace in August 2018 and, in addition to a high level of functionality, present the appearance of an instrument characteristic of true space-age technology.

In addition, five Personal Systems have been completed and released for Home Use in geographic locations where they have been approved by regulatory bodies.

As increasing awareness and utilization of BioFlex Laser Technology extends around the globe, inevitably this will contribute significantly to the delivery of quality healthcare in these locations.

The blog describes how over 30 years, four therapeutic platforms were developed. The first was focused on musculoskeletal problems, arthritis, sports injuries and soft tissue injuries. The second for wound healing, including stasis ulcers, lesions secondary to atherosclerosis/diabetes, surgery and other forms of trauma. Platform number three is focused on dermatological conditions such as eczema/dermatitis, psoriasis, acne and scars.

Additional Information


The blog also contains key material from the four textbooks Dr. Kahn has written, the numerous Laser Reports he has authored over the years, and hundreds of articles disseminated throughout the medical literature that present unique perspectives. These reveal many insights with respect to the quality of healthcare today, the lack of effectiveness of many therapies existing without justification, along with numerous other important factors pointing out the many existing deficiencies.

The collection of work covers over a half century of medical practice, comments on change, numerous insightful observations and offers a critical eye to those aspects most relevant to the practice of quality healthcare.

A Commentary on Healthcare Systems

Medicine has become overly commercialized in the modern era with considerable loss of focus on the patient’s welfare in the struggle to allocate the funding available. Gatekeepers comprising governments, regulators and a variety of bureaucrats, insurance companies, etc. continue to erode both the quality and timely application of appropriate care under the auspices of the managers of these systems, who for the most part have only a limited understanding of the practice of medicine, but despite this make all the rules. As a result, many physicians fail to incorporate the skill levels required for their daily endeavors particularly if they are an employee of a larger organization, such as an HMO. Fortunately, most professions do not deal in matters of life or death.

Dr. Kahn covers many of these issues in depth and stresses the need for a thorough review of healthcare today to improve its application at all levels tomorrow.