Monthly Archives: January 2011

In the News at Meditech

Recently, we had the occasion to treat one of Canada’s top ranked golfers – Danny King.

Danny has been suffering from shoulder and neck pain over the past year and has had difficulty swinging the club to his full potential while competing and in practice. Despite that, he recently had some strong finishes including a top ten finish at an international event in Bermuda and 4th place in the CPGA Championship in Florida.

After just three treatments with the BioFlex Laser Therapy System, Danny has noted a significant improvement with regard to his symptoms and is now able to swing the club freely without any pain. His course of treatment will probably require some additional sessions and should return him to a perfect state of health. He will continue to utilize a Home Unit when he rejoins the tour in Florida later this year, in order to prevent recurrence and regenerate damaged tissues.

Danny is the current all-time money leader for the Ontario PGA having won 3 Provincial Championships and 2 Canadian PGA Championships in 2006 and 2007. Over the past several years, he has been the Director of Instruction at the Performance Academy at Magna Golf Club in Aurora. This fall he plans to attend the PGA qualifying school in order to obtain his PGA Tour card.

Danny has volunteered to introduce Laser Therapy to the golfing community, particularly the professional tours. He will display our logo on his equipment. It is expected that he will become a top touring professional assisted by BioFlex Therapy.

Personally, I predict that by the time he gets to the senior tour in a decade or so, he should become one of its top ten competitors. We wish him the best of luck in his quest to obtain his PGA Tour card as he has all the shots to become a serious competitor on that circuit.