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The Many Aspects of Health Care

The article below is an excerpt from The Toronto Star dated August 16, 2010.

The Toronto Star Article

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Once again, this article clearly demonstrates the consistently bad judgment exercised by political parties no matter what their stripe.

First, the Liberals criticize the Tories when they are in power and vice-versa – same with the NDP if they had the opportunity. These matters are therefore of no particular import.

The natural reaction of the politician faced with a problem is to deflect criticism. This result in the appointment of a commission or another administrative body, who pretend to resolve the dilemma; this is known as a diversionary tactic.

It would never occur to our political masters that patient care is best delivered when required and that the appropriate therapy be instituted.

Bureaucrats and their organizations have no comprehensive understanding of what medical care should be and invariably complicate delivery at an exceedingly high cost.

Perhaps one day it might dawn on them that it would be best to leave healthcare to the professionals who understand the problems and maintain a sense of commitment with regard to their resolution.

No matter what profession, unless one has an understanding of the problem and the experience to deal with these situations in a capable manner, all efforts even if well-intentioned, will fail.

The tax payers of this country of whom I am one, should take note and steps to rectify these problems.