All diodes have a finite lifespan, as do all devices whether medical, automotive or other products. This directly relates to the hours of utilization, much as in human bodies where excessive activities, particularly in athletes, leads to early arthritic degeneration.

Fortunately at this time we have been able to find a diode manufacturer who has been able to design custom diodes to meet our specifications. These have been installed in all new equipment since November 2013 and will be the standard for all new devices manufactured at Meditech. For this reason arrays built subsequent to November 2013 will no longer require calibration. The diodes that we are currently installing in all our BioFlex Systems typically exhibit minimal degradation.

In older equipment with 5 years of heavy use or 8-10 years of moderate use, consideration should be given to replacing arrays in order to provide optimal patient outcomes. Again, with the new arrays, minimal degradation occurs and the lifespan of the diodes has been extended to 10 years plus, even with heavy utilization.

Fred Kahn, MD


Meditech International Inc.


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