The Application of Laser Therapy in Cosmetic Surgery

It has been my observation that cosmetic/plastic surgeons, no matter how meticulous they may be with regard to technique, including adequate visualization, lighting, hemostasis and suturing with extremely fine filaments — may still obtain results that are unsatisfactory, from an esthetic perspective.

The complications that may occur include hematoma, infection, scar tissue and even keloid formation, with sometimes unsightly healing. This should not produce feelings of guilt or inadequacy on the part of the competent surgeon.

More importantly, we now offer a solution to these universal problems with the utilization of Laser Therapy, which may be administered on completion of the surgery, 2-3 days subsequently or at any time thereafter.

The visual outcome can invariably be elevated to a more acceptable level and may sometimes result in dramatic cosmetic improvement.

If you are interested in exploring this now standardized approach, please feel free to contact Fernanda Saraga, Ph.D. at or 416-251-1055 ext. 138 for additional information.

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