Patients often inquire about the treatment for “shingles” (herpes zoster). Here is a typical report from a patient in his own words that confirms the point. There are many others that travel a similar course however some require more prolonged treatment and a certain degree of persistence. Eventually all can be cured.

Dr. Fred Kahn

July 10, 2012

Orville Baily

Dear Dr. Kahn,

I know I am late in sending this to you and was waiting to see if I had a recurrence of the problem. I can happily say that there has been nothing since I had the last Laser Treatment on July 2011.

To explain my situation, I sustained a very painful case of shingles while on a river cruise through Europe. I went to an MD in Venice on July 6th and was told there is no cure and “here are some pain pills for you to take”. On arrival home on the 9th I went to the Emergency room at Mississauga Hospital and was told the same thing. The next day I saw another MD and now the same familiar response happened.

On the 13th my nephew who is a chiropractor in Vancouver and uses Dr Kahn’s Laser Treatment called me and got me into Meditech and I had my first treatment on the 13th. I had some relief after 2 days. I had a total number of 3 treatments over 14 days and as I have said earlier, have had no trouble since. I would recommend this treatment to anyone.

Incidentally, I should also mention that the severe degenerative osteoarthritis of my spine cleared up completely at the same time.

From a very satisfied patient,

Orville Baily

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