A good part of one’s life is spent trying to open other people’s minds often including one’s own.

I thought that I would post these comments from a physician who has been using the BioFlex Laser since 2003. Early on he was so impressed with the results obtained he donated the first $1000 for the Meditech Laser Therapy Research Fund.

Seven years later, he appears to still be happy with the technology.

Clearly he is someone who cares about making his patients well.

Fred Kahn, MD
FK / km



You are doing some “great” things in Laser Medicine. Your conference line-up reads like a “who’s who” of Laser Medicine.

Last week I treated the Chief of Family Medicine of the Jewish General for “surgery – required” Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. He is amazed and happy – no surgery is needed.

Here in Montreal the local MDs simply don’t accept when I describe the clinical outcomes, even though I get superb results with laser since 2003! Most are skeptical – typical ivory tower attitude.

I simply go about my business and treat using laser, sometimes combined with manual medicine, massage and other “hands-on” techniques.

My practice is really more like a musculo-skeletal specialist referral practice, 2nd opinions, referral of “desperado” patients where standard therapy fails, etc. The physiatrists completely poo-poo the laser approach, of which they know nothing, aside from being resistant to learning.

Having fun and making people well, that’s the main thing!


Robert Perlman, MD

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