I enclose some material at this time which has been forwarded to us by both patients and healthcare professionals describing their experiences with the BioFlex Laser Therapy System. Thought it might be of interest to you.


Patricia Gabryle, BSc(Hon), ND

Low Intensity Laser Therapy has evolved from predecessor lasers to modern laser therapy systems.

Clinically verified Laser Therapies eliminate pain and inflammation in acute and chronic conditions. Laser therapy is drug free, pain free, non-invasive, with no known side effects.

Probably the greatest beneficiaries of this technology are individuals that suffer from back pain and arthritis. This includes athletes suffering from myofascitis, facet joint syndrome, sacroiliac joint dysfunction and disc herniations with nerve root compression. More significantly, dramatic effects are obtained by sufferers of chronic degenerative osteoarthritis accompanied by spinal/foraminal stenosis with attendant neurological complications. It promotes healing for many physiological conditions, is used by most professional sports teams to repair injuries, and is one of the most effective methods of healing available today.

With “back problems” laser therapy should be the universal treatment approach and clearly establish its role as the treatment of choice.


Laser therapy

By Sue Rondquist, The Province December 22, 2010

In recent articles regarding using alternative therapy to surgery I would like to give an example of the money saved when my husband cancelled his back surgery.

My husband had been waiting for many months for a surgery to fuse his spine, and we happened across bioflex laser treatment offered in Port Moody.
It took nine treatments for my husband to feel no pain. And when the surgeon called a month later, my husband cancelled the surgery.

Our extended medical paid for this, but even if it hadn’t, it was worth the $55 per treatment, as there was no downtime, no pain and he saved the system thousands of dollars in hospital costs.

I would recommend doctors have a serious look at this and other treatments to better manage our healthcare dollars.


Dear Dr. Kahn:

I wanted to share my incredible first-hand experience with your Bioflex Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT) device.

A basketball injury 6 months ago resulted in a 70-80% tear of the medial head of my gastrocnemius near the musculotendinous junction. I was minutes away from “going under the knife” when the surgeon decided my case was inoperable and was prescribed a splint and physiotherapy. The result was significant Achilles tendon edema, over 50% decreased muscle strength, and a large area of scar tissue that was not responding to traditional physiotherapy, including the use of single diode LILT.

In just two weeks of Bioflex LILT treatment, my Achilles tendon edema and muscle scar tissue has decreased by close to an astonishing 50%! It was almost as if I could observe and palpate a daily difference in the healing tissues. I have been thoroughly impressed with the ease of use, adaptable LASER treatment parameters and extensive array of pre-programmed treatment options that are unique to Bioflex.

As a practitioner of close to 20 years, I have come to realize there are countless ways to manipulate injured tissues to improve function. While no one manual “technique” is superior to another – it is often the “hands on ability” of the practitioner that ultimately determines the final outcome. The missing link is restoring physiological function at a cellular level which can be achieved with incredible efficiency by the use of the adaptable multi-diode Bioflex LILT device by any educated practitioner – regardless of their “hands on skill”.

Thank you for the years of research and development that have made the Bioflex LILT device the future of tissue healing.


David Kunashko, B.Sc., D.C.


Jakes Dekker, MD is a practitioner at Cold Lake Hospital in Cold Lake, Alberta.

January 11, 2011

From as long as I can remember I have suffered from many different back injuries, each adding a little more pain to my day to day operation. My worst pain started in November of 2002, after a fall off a tanker trailer. A WCB claim was opened and I was sent to a place called the Mallard Center, where I underwent a series of physiotherapy and pain medications. It was not long after that I was told I was healed and should be ready to go back to work. The pain levels however, were still at about a 7 or 8.

I found it very hard to operate a truck in this condition, but I muddled through. Almost exactly 2 years later, I was in an accident with my big rig, where I was forced off the road and went bouncing around in a farmer’s field in the middle of winter. This time I had compressed my spine and was again placed on WCB. I was soon sent back to the Millard Center for more of the same treatment I received the first time, that was not all that useful on either occasion, and once again I was sent back to work, supposedly healed and able to work. I was now working on a continuous pain level of 4-5 on a good day and 8-9 on a debilitating day.

I went to see Dr. Dekker with all my back problems and he did the best he could with medication and physiotherapy to keep me mobile – to a degree. It was a very brutal and painful way to live on a regular basis. My quality of life was not very good, and the only saving grace was a patient Doctor and a supporting family. He sent me to multiple specialists who seem to take forever to get anything done. Without very much progress and in constant pain, my future was looking very grim. By this time I was totally out of the work force and my financial future was pretty much at a standstill. I had nowhere to go or turn with the slow wait to see a specialist and waiting time to get in, which took anywhere from 3 months to 18 months in some cases.

It was during an appointment on one of my especially bad days with Dr. Dekker, that he mentioned this laser therapy he was working on and would hopefully be up and running soon. He asked if I was interested in being one of his test patients when it was operational. I was very excited because my quality of life had been nothing more than a short walk, with which I had to use a cane, and sometimes two. The walk would last about 10 minutes before I would have to turn around and head pretty much home bound.

So I thought, why not, what do I have to lose? I was willing to try anything at this point in order to get my life back to normal.

When I went for my consult, I was informed of all processes and what was to be expected. The briefing was very detailed and I was free to ask any questions. It was a very comfortable atmosphere and made me feel at ease right away. After the consult, we decided that we would start with a 7 block session due to the damage done and what had to be repaired.

On the first and second treatments I wasn’t noticing differences in anything. As it was explained in the consult, I was told that if it was working, it would not start showing signs until the third or fourth sessions. And they were right!! After the 3rd session, I started to notice sensations in my spine that were different, as it has been so long that all I ever had in my back was either a numbing or sharp pain. On the 4th and 5th sessions, I was starting to notice major differences not only in my pain levels but my mobility seemed to be returning. By the 6th treatment, I noticed a large difference in the amount of pain medications I was taking, and noticed that they had been cut in half. After the 7th session, I was able to bend backwards, which is something I haven’t done in years with little to no pain!

I just did a follow up with the Doctor at the end of the 7 sessions to see if there was any improvements, and once we looked back on it, we noticed that where my pain levels used to be on average a 7 or 8 out of 10, are now averaging the 4 to 5 out of 10. There have even been some mornings that I actually wake up and climb out of bed with ZERO pain!! That is something that I have not had the pleasure of experiencing for far too long!!

I have 7 more treatments to undergo and if the results are as astounding as the first 7, I should be able to return to work without restrictions. I am a strong believer that the laser therapy works way beyond my greatest expectation. Not only am I getting better where my back is concerned, but my family has noticed a major change in me in that I am going back to the man they once knew. I have nothing but greatness to say about this treatment and looking forward to returning to my old life.

From the bottom of mine, and my family’s heart, we thank you so much Dr. Dekker for giving us back our lives!

You really are a life saver.

Shawn Lamothe

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