The treatment of wounds continues to be a controversial subject in the medical community. Generally a variety of dressings are utilized along with an overwhelming number of medications.

At Meditech, we continue to see an increasing number of these sometimes challenging problems that fail to respond to conventional therapies.

Utilizing the Meditech regimen, we are able to achieve consistent positive results, particularly as our experience in this area increases.

Our treatment approach consists of the following:

• the removal of dressings

• discontinuation of the majority or all pharmaceuticals

• instituting a programme of laser therapy

• saline compresses as indicated

A useful adjunct when available is the hyperbaric chamber.

On this programme, we have developed the ability to heal an extensive variety of wounds in a relatively short period of time.

Our goal is to establish this method of healing more widely.

The 7 cases illustrated in this monograph clearly corroborate the effectiveness of laser therapy, the basic platform in this healing methodology.


Patient#: 5230

Age: 50/F

Diagnosis: Pre-gangrenous foot – Multiple ulcers secondary to Diabetes Mellitus

This diabetic ulcer presented for follow-up several months post-cessation of laser treatment. There has been no recurrence of the ulcer previously treated with the BioFlex System. The patient is asymptomatic, fully functional and the photograph indicates significant remodeling of the soft tissues.


Patient#: 5094

Age: 77/M

Diagnosis: Ulcer – left foot

This patient demonstrates complete healing of an ulcer after 5 treatments administered over the course of 1 week. Etiology is peripheral arterial occlusive disease. At this time, the patient is asymptomatic, walking normally and does not require any medication.


Patient#: 4840

Age: 72/F

Diagnosis: Infected ulcer – secondary to inadequate arterial circulation

This patient lives over 4 hours away from our clinic and is therefore only being treated sporadically with the Home Unit II. Despite the self-administration, healing is progressing slowly and complete epithelization of the ulcer bed should be complete over the next 6 weeks. Notably, the dimensions of the ulcer have been reduced from 111 cm² to 7.87 cm² and there is healing both at the base and the ulcer margins.


Patient#: 3183

Age: 79/M

Diagnosis: Dermal Ulcer – right heel

This patient’s ulcer developed while being treated in the hospital for a CVA. Following the conventional therapeutic approach, the ulcer continued to increase in dimension. The patient utilized oral and topical antibiotics and dressing changes on alternate days over several months.

On our wound care program, the wound was left open and antibiotics were discontinued. In addition, laser therapy was instituted along with saline compresses at home. Complete healing has occurred and remodeling is evident post-cessation of laser therapy.


Patient#: 6329

Age: 90/F

Diagnosis: Ulcers – right foot, great & 2nd toes

One can visualize the improvement in the appearance of the foot following 6 treatments. Cyanosis is no longer present and the edema and erythema are minimal. Mobility of the toes has been completely restored and the ulcers demonstrate good peripheral healing.


Patient#: 6198

Age: 58/M

Diagnosis: Peripheral arterial occlusive disease with multiple ulcers – left foot

Patient presented with an extremely inflamed forefoot (diameter 42 cm), discolouration, ulcerations and fissuring in several areas and unable to bear weight. After several treatments diameter reduced to 32 cm, all signs of inflammation have disappeared and patient is able to bear weight without discomfort (note distance between 1st and 2nd toes).

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