Daily Archives: September 10, 2007

Herniated Discs No Match For Laser Therapy

Last Friday, we had a surprise visit from an old patient, Gerard Mol, a farmer from Prince Edward Island (PEI). Farming today has become more of a corporate venture and Gerard represents that form of endeavour, managing several hundred acres of various crops, including those wonderful potatoes, famous throughout the world.
Mr. Mol originally came to us in June 2006 with a long-standing history of back pain, subsequent to an injury 8 years earlier. His symptoms had been acute, present in excess of one year and were relatively incapacitating. There was “sciatic pain” and all meaningful physical activities were totally restricted. After many different therapies and consultations with a number of specialists, his condition had not improved. He had come to the conclusion that if Laser Therapy were not effective, he would be forced to “sell the farm.”
Radiological findings revealed herniated discs at L4,5 and L5-S1 levels. In addition there was extensive degenerative osteoarthritis, secondary to the heavy lifting the patient had performed over the years. A highly competent neurosurgeon had previously reviewed his situation and the decision to operate was reserved, in view of the extensive pathology.
Clinical examination when he presented at Meditech revealed a minimal range of motion of the thoracolumbar spine. There was a reverse scoliosis, flattening of the lumbar lordosis and the patient was in such acute pain that he had to be treated daily at a hotel near the clinic, initially. After three to four days, he was able to come to the clinic and at the end of two weeks, his symptoms were markedly reduced.
To maintain his status, Gerard with the assistance of a nurse he brought from PEI were trained to use the Professional System at home, in order to continue the healing process and prevent recurrence. This has been completely successful. Indeed, at this time, his spine is normal in appearance, he continues to be completely asymptomatic and he has regained total functionality with regard to range of motion of the spine and activity levels.
Mr. Mol, being a responsible citizen, used his business talents to establish the first Laser Therapy clinic in Prince Edward Island and he is in the process of enlarging this clinic with the addition of more systems to serve the population of his island. Meditech salutes Gerard for his perceptiveness in choosing the right treatment, leading by example and establishing an institution that will be a benefit to the people of PEI.