October 3, 2017

Niilo is a Toronto-born international Long Driving Competitor who has established a world-wide reputation. He has won a number of international competitions including Mexico, South Africa, etc. His strengths are his work ethic, competitive drive and discipline. Since his first long drive competition six years ago he now ranks among the best long drive golfers internationally.
Niilo spends countless hours training in the gym and at the range. At all times he keeps sight of his goal to become the World Long Driving Champion. He possesses great natural athletic ability and this has been enhanced by many hours in the gymnasium and improving his psychological focus.

Niilo’s efforts have been facilitated over the past 10 years by the ongoing use of the BioFlex Laser Therapy System. He is now using his third device and states unequivocally it has been helpful in keeping his joints, neck and back, pain-free. This is a great asset in an endeavor where injuries invariably end the careers of most competitors at an early age.

At Meditech we take great pride in supporting Niilo’s endeavors and will continue to maintain his health status at an optimal level in order that he may achieve his final objective: a World Championship in International Golf Ball Distance Driving.

Some Statistics
• Club Head Speed: 140mph
• Ball Speed: 210mph
• Longest drive: 435 yds.
• Equipment utilized: Heads – Geek Golf, No Brainer
Shafts – Execution, Triple X Flex