COMMENTARY – December 2015

Today in medical practice, the focus on pain management exceeds the attention provided to the etiological factors that cause pain and other symptoms. Clearly the focus of the causative elements should be the focal point of research and therapy.

The administration of measures to mitigate the pain often permits the pathology to become more severe to the degree that pharmacological and sometimes surgical solutions fail to contain the progress of the disease involved, along with the severity of attendant symptoms.

At Meditech we recognized this paradigm many years ago and have always focused on the causative factors involved, rather than mitigating or masking symptoms. This would appear to be the logical approach, however one not followed in current medical practice.

As a growing number of physicians present at our facilities for personal treatment, our practice is beginning to influence an increasing number of these individuals to become leaders of what we feel is a more rational and elegant approach to the treatment of pathologies, particularly when no proven or conventional method of resolution currently exists.

Chronic joint pain, secondary to systemic, traumatic and degenerative causes, can be immediately and sometimes rapidly resolved with the application of Laser Therapy and without the production of adverse effects. Many surgeries, including joint replacements, exploratory procedures, etc. primarily to reduce the degree of pain, can therefore be avoided. This is particularly important in the approach to the treatment of back problems, again, a condition resulting secondary to a number of diverse factors.

As we are all aware, the treatment of cerebral concussion (TBI) is receiving an immense amount of international attention and our therapeutic approach to this problem, developed and refined over the past decade, has become extremely relevant.

Moreover, at this time we are pleased to state that we have developed an almost universally effective therapeutic approach based on the understanding of the brain anatomy, physiology and function.

Our recently completed 26-page treatise on the treatment of the various categories of concussion is being more widely recognized at some university located concussion clinics as it delivers effective therapy devoid of any adverse effects. A number of organizations who have become aware of this technology are in contact with the principals at Meditech with the thought of establishing concussion clinics worldwide.

Dr. Norman Doidge’s book “The Brain’s Way of Healing”, which resonates with so many physicians and patients afflicted with a diverse number of medical conditions, has stimulated an international response to his message which brings patients to our clinics in ever increasing numbers.

Eventually logic will always prevail, despite the obstructions posed by insurance companies, regulatory bodies, governments and others who would pose impediments for reasons not always clear.

Health care needs to change and Meditech, with its innovative solutions, is at the forefront of this sentinel movement.