Daily Archives: September 10, 2014


Arthritis can be a severely debilitating and painful disorder that affects 4.5 million Canadians aged 15 years and older. Translated into simple terms, it affects 1 in 6 of our citizens. Unfortunately, conventional therapies including analgesics, biologics, surgery and over the counter remedies provide limited long-term benefit in addressing the underlying pathology and symptoms of this condition.

Laser Therapy, an emerging technology approved by Health Canada, is highly effective in relieving the symptoms of arthritic pain and rapidly increases the patient’s mobility without the utilization of any medications. Moreover, there are no adverse effects associated with the application of this therapy.

At our Meditech Laser Rehabilitation Centres, we have consistently achieved significant improvement with regard to the symptoms of arthritis involving the spine, knees, shoulders, hands and other joints. Laser Therapy is non-invasive, pain-free and provides the most potent anti-inflammatory effect known. In addition, it acts as an analgesic but most significantly, it promotes the regeneration of new cells, replacing those that are functioning at subliminal levels.

Fifty years of published research supports and validates that this therapeutic option is more effective than traditional approaches currently in vogue and should therefore be more widely utilized by healthcare professionals and patients seeking effective alternative solutions. The dissemination of education with regard to Laser Therapy is paramount to increase patient and clinician awareness of the technology. As a final comment, it is our experience that this is the most effective therapeutic solution to resolve the challenges presented by arthritic degeneration.