It should be of interest to most citizens that legislation produced by governments is periodically reversed and all too frequently devoid of any perceptible reason. The purpose generally is to increase its revenues, thereby broadening its powers. Change is certainly an important component of our culture, for if we are to progress, occasionally we must move in a new direction. On the other hand, change should be implemented to positively impact the population’s needs and certainly not to create negative influences.

It was not too many years ago when gambling at almost any level, even card games privately conducted in the home, were considered to be criminal activities, particularly when an exchange of currency was involved. Citizens could be arrested at random, fined and even imprisoned, following due process of course. Now, governments around the globe are intensely pursuing efforts to popularize gambling under the guise of bringing wealth to the communities, but in actuality, simply to enhance “their coffers”. From criminal activity, it has been converted to an important “source of revenue” simply to provide governments with more clout.

All this has been done by the stroke of a pen, facilitated by lobbyists, and other nefarious influences. Does this make sense?

It is widely known that gaming at any level, especially when organized, nurtures criminal elements, initiates personal economic disaster and brings to bloom all the negative aspects of human activity, particularly those which can be considered to be criminal in nature. Prostitution, addiction to alcohol and drugs, theft and every known depravity follows in its wake, like a river surging through a broken dam. Moreover, in communities where it has been implemented, it almost immediately results in a form of “chronic depression” aside from the routine matters of degradation.

In recent decades, Indian reserves across North America, after approval by federal, state and provincial governments, have made casinos a staple on their lands. In no instance has it brought benefit to the population of those communities, except to the 2 or 3 band members who “manage the tribe’s funds”. The latter appear to spend it on fast cars, travel, alcohol and other addictions, followed by many months spent in rehab facilities. Only a modicum trickles into education, health care, better housing, matters where purportedly more support is to be provided.

Politicians, of course, will always state that this activity creates new jobs. And so it does. But are these productive and long-term jobs that create a positive impact on people’s lives? Definitely not. Gambling does nothing to improve the human condition and only serves to widen the hole of blackness and despair wherever casinos are located, be it major cities, resorts or reservations.

Clearly, gambling as a solution to economic problems created by the greed, stupidity and fraudulent practices conducted and sanctioned by governments and the financial sector, create problems significantly more extensive than those it pretends to relieve. All citizens should stringently oppose these measures in the interest of long-term public welfare. It is imperative that voters express total opposition to this intrusion, which has always been contrary to the public interest. The so-called benefits that it delivers, primarily to governments, lobbyists and a select few managers, simply impose another oppression on the populace. Once entrenched, legalized gambling, like a bad disease, will never disappear and this negative impact will expand exponentially.

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