Sports Medicine – An Advisory

High profile athletes, much like MDs, often receive inadequate medical therapy, thereby compromising the quality of health care they need and deserve. It is therefore incumbent that all athletes take note of the following advice. Unfortunately, physicians often do not accept advice beyond their sometimes narrow scope of knowledge.

Over the past twenty years, our company has worked with an extensive number of high-level professional and amateur athletes and sports organizations. Some of our prominent clients have included the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club, the Toronto Raptors, the Miami Heat and periodically, individual members of the Blue Jays. On most occasions, we have been able to successfully rehabilitate players suffering from a variety of musculo-skeletal problems that failed to heal utilizing traditional methods.

During this period, we have learned that team owners, managers, agents and trainers come and go – each with their own particular objectives and philosophies. Many of the teams are guided by a variety of advisors with regard to the maintenance of the athlete’s health, the treatment and prevention of injuries and related problems. All too often, this arrangement is not in the athlete’s best interest.

Most significantly, I would like to stress that all athletes should take a measure of control with respect to their individual welfare and health status. Do not rely on those who may lack the medical knowledge and expertise to provide the best possible solutions. The list of high-level athletes whose careers have been cut short by adhering to inappropriate therapies, is infinite. In my mind, there is no question that the correct application of Laser Therapy could have healed most of these injuries rapidly, thereby prolonging the athlete’s career.

I read the sports pages daily and see many top-level athletes plagued by back injuries, shoulder problems, tendonitis, epicondylitis, etc. who elect to have surgery with subsequent termination of their career. In many of these instances, ten Laser Therapy sessions over approximately two weeks, could have resolved these problems promptly and completely.

The most productive associations that we have experienced in the field of sports medicine have been formed by working with the individual athlete, unencumbered by agents, decision makers and those who have a vested interest in advancing their personal agendas. It is for this reason that I appeal to the athlete directly. Remember – when your career is finished, no one will care about you, your pain or your arthritis. It is therefore incumbent that you educate yourself to make the appropriate choices regarding to the most effective medical solutions available today.

In the past four years particularly, an increasing number of athletes have acquired BioFlex Laser Therapy Systems for their personal use, in order to be able to treat their injuries immediately after occurrence and utilize the therapy with protocols specific for their particular problem. In these situations, rapid and complete recovery is almost assured. Indeed, employing the BioFlex Laser Therapy System almost invariably results in a success range approaching 100%, when dealing with the athlete directly and no third party interferes in the process or compliance.

A number of golf professionals have learned “never to leave home without it” (i.e. the BioFlex System), knowing that they can independently treat their injuries on the road and immediately when a new injury occurs. Several baseball pitchers in the Major Leagues have followed suit. The benefits resulting from this approach are vastly superior to the utilization of the large jars of toxic pharmaceuticals (analgesics, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants) that are so often indiscriminately dispensed, in almost every locker room.

Finally, you, the athlete, owe it to yourself to become educated with regard to the most effective therapies available, in order to maintain your physical skills, as long as possible and prolong your career, beyond what is commonly regarded as normal. Moreover, this approach also provides preventative therapy, precluding the need for knee replacements, back surgeries, etc. – areas that so frequently become symptomatic soon after retirement. Baseball pitchers, gymnasts, golfers, etc. are just some of the professionals who benefit most significantly. Pitchers in baseball particularly should utilize Laser Therapy, prior to pitching and at the termination of a game. Careers can be extended for an extra decade or even more. Early institution of therapy that cures the problem, coupled with the ability to prevent progression, is the optimal solution, both short and long term.

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