Daily Archives: January 25, 2012

Classical Cases Treated in the Past Week at Meditech

Case #1

Diagnosis – Neuropathy

67 year old executive with three year history of ulcers of the left foot

Previous treatment:
• Weekly visits to university centre wound clinic
• Dressing changes several times per week
• Intravenous antibiotics- 6months
• No improvement over three years of continuing care
• Estimated cost of treatments prior to Meditech intervention – $150,000

Course at Meditech
• Treatments on three consecutive days
• Wound left open
• Continuous saline compresses during the night
• Discontinuation of all medications

• Major wound reduced from 0.92cm to 0.18 after three treatments (in essence wound is healed)
• Cost of treatments at Meditech – $500

You might term this “the battle of three years vs. three days”.

Anecdotal or Evidence-based? Judge for yourself!


Case #2

Diagnosis – Gout

69 year old retired professional athlete (NHL) with gout of the right foot

• Acute pain, 2 days in duration
• Right foot inflamed (pain, edema, tenderness)
• Unable to walk

Status after 1 Laser Treatment:
• Zero pain
• Edema, erythema, etc. almost completely relieved
• No medication required
• Fully ambulatory
• Symptom-free