“The Horse Wins Again”

Michael Mehak Astride Verne’s Baby In Winning Performance – October 30, 2009 – Woodbine Racetrack, Toronto

TORONTO, Ontario [November 1, 2009] Friday, October 30th was an epic day at Meditech. We were able to
watch our horse run an absolutely superb race which once again proved that winning is everything. Competing in a
14 horse field against several highly rated entrants and running on a longer course at Woodbine Racetrack, Verne’s
Baby ran the perfect race. He got out of the gate smoothly and was never worse than fifth. Running unimpeded on
the outside once the finish line came in sight, he calmly passed the horses ahead of him and won going away.

This event followed a win at Fort Erie eight days earlier. In both races, the jockey deserves a great deal of credit as
he brought the horse from off the pace during that event also, maneuvered him to the inside and won by a nose.

In the October 30th race at Woodbine, I did not expect him to win particularly against younger horses in their prime
and running on a longer course. Clearly, this race confirmed that he has returned to top form and guess what –
laser therapy made it all possible.

Those who firmly stated that these accomplishments were not possible should be made aware that the “impossible”,
when intelligently approached, can be attained. Aside from the horse, credit is due to Vito and William Armata the
trainers, the jockey Mike Mehak an apprentice who truly bonded with the horse and rode him with a degree of
expertise that many jockeys never achieve and Denis our Laser Therapist who applied the therapy. This was a
singular event indeed.

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