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About Meditech International Inc.

Meditech International Inc. is a medical
technology company specializing in the
design, manufacture and distribution of
Laser Therapy Systems to healthcare
professionals worldwide. The company also
conducts extensive clinical research with the
objective of expanding the scope of
application, particularly in conditions where
current medical approaches are ineffective.
Meditech was founded in 1989 and
corporate headquarters are located in
Toronto, Canada. Incorporating its patented,
proprietary technology, Meditech markets
products registered under the brand name –
BioFlex on a global basis.
The technology is non-invasive, non-toxic
and highly effective in the treatment of a
variety of challenging medical conditions
that in many instances are resistant to
conventional therapeutic methodologies.


The thoroughbred horse that we mentioned in our recent Laser Report
last week won its first race. Not only did the horse win but he did it in
style. He came out of the gate solidly and ran six and one-eighth
furlongs going away – leaving the field behind.

The experts who had stated that this would be impossible because of his
arthritic knees have been proven wrong once again. Although this horse
may be slightly past his prime, he won the race in impressive fashion
and will be running again – shortly.

From the technology perspective, this event once again proves the
healing potential of laser therapy and what can be accomplished under
proper circumstances.

Previously Published in Spring 2009 Laser Report:

As we all know, horses “whinny” but they don’t whine, setting them apart from the human
species. A year and a half ago, Meditech inherited a thoroughbred which over the course of
time had been pronounced “unfit” to run on the basis of arthritic degeneration and chip fractures
in the left knee joint. Previously, this horse had won some stakes races and Meditech Laser
Therapists had treated him on several occasions prior to past races.

The owner, a well known Toronto restaurateur for whom we have salvaged a number of horses,
on the basis of his veterinarian’s advice, requested to exchange ownership of the horse in lieu
of an outstanding account. The sequel – Meditech became the owner of a thoroughbred
racehorse. Personally, I felt that the horse could be rehabilitated despite the diagnosis and
veterinary opinions.

Initially, the horse was rested and late last year when he was deemed ready to run, he
developed laminitis. Typical of the industry – something unexpected always happens. This
problem was resolved using Laser Therapy, however winter intervened and once again, the
horse rested.

In February of this year, we initiated intensive laser rehabilitation along with periodic workouts
under the auspices of a trainer. In April, the horse appeared fit to run and entered its first race at
Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto. The distance of this event was 7 furlongs, somewhat long for a
horse that had not run in almost 2 years and although he led at the beginning of the
homestretch, he tired and finished out of the money. Following the race, the horse was carefully
examined and found to be totally sound. The plan is to run again, although at a shorter distance.
This event illustrates what Laser Therapy can accomplish, particularly in view of the fact that
four veterinarians and two trainers had firmly stated that “this horse could not and should
not run again”
. At the time of writing, the horse is physically fit and working well – stay tuned!

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