Wound Healing

Revised: April 6, 2009 @ 5:45pm

Oxygen & the Hyperbaric Chamber

In the past, I have always attempted to combine Laser Therapy in wound healing with the Hyperbaric Chamber when available, which is not as often as would be ideal. Along with Laser Therapy, patients under optimal conditions are subjected to a series of Hyperbaric Chamber treatments which expedite the healing of wounds. In addition, the therapy is frequently utilized with great benefit, not only for diabetic-related ulcers but in the promotion of post-surgical healing and situations of major trauma, including concussions. Positive results are frequently immediate. Whereas wide application is currently not feasible for economic reasons, the role of this therapy should definitely be expanded. Raising the awareness of healthcare professionals and the public in general will be necessary to achieve this objective.

Oxygen is a vital ingredient necessary to sustain life. When tissue oxygen perfusion is diminished, as occurs in the depletion of oxygen in the environment, respiratory dysfunction, congestive failure or a plethora of other causes, an oxygen deficiency develops and as a result, the body becomes vulnerable to disease. Many bacteria, viruses and other pathogens seek out this type of environment as they thrive best under these conditions (oxygen deprivation of tissues).

The father of pathology, Dr. Rudolf Virchow, was once quoted as stating, “that if you deprive a cell of 35% of its required level of oxygen for over 48 hours, the cell is likely to become victim of a pathological process or become non-viable”.

The Hyperbaric Chamber exposes the body to pure oxygen. These systems have been in existence in some form or other for over sixty years. Only recently, however, has medical science recognized the importance of their utilization in healthcare. Whereas much research is still required, it has become evident that the Hyperbaric Chamber delivering 100% oxygen at up to 2.8 times atmospheric pressure, restores high-level oxygen perfusion of tissue, to levels of 2,000% saturation. This treatment is indicated for many disease processes, such as anaerobic infections, wound healing, respiratory and neurological diseases and can play a vital role in restoring tissue health.

At Meditech, where we have a particular interest in wound healing, we have always been of the opinion that combining Laser Therapy with the Hyperbaric Chamber would enable us to heal all wounds, in a relatively short period of time. Currently, we are in negotiations to initiate the establishment of a clinic combining these treatments in order to make this a reality and undoubtedly establish the “gold standard” for the management of wounds worldwide.

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