Home Use Laser Therapy Systems

These systems are unique and represent the ultimate in design, therapeutic effectiveness and engineering ingenuity. Most importantly, their healing capability is unparalleled. The products are derivatives of the world-renowned BioFlex Low Intensity Laser Therapy Professional System and are superior in efficacy to the majority of professional systems offered in the marketplace today.

Numerous features are integrated in these devices. They are completely portable and can therefore be used in transit, on the playing field and in the comfort of your own home. Significantly, they can be used frequently and for more prolonged treatment sessions and utilized on this basis, can approach the healing power of the BioFlex Professional System. Recommended use is one to two times per day for any acute area of pathology; other conditions can be treated sequentially.

Once economics, the time perspective and travel are taken into account, their value is readily apparent. Whereas they are not designed to replace the Professional Systems, in many situations their usefulness is clearly evident, i.e:

  • in situations where access to professional care is unavailable
  • when treatment with a professional system has been completed and continuing therapy will enhance the treatment outcome
  • to ensure a long-range positive result
  • for patients traveling long distances to attend a clinic (once symptoms have substantially diminished and where ongoing treatment is desirable to achieve a more advanced level of permanent healing) 
  • in instances where continuation of therapy stimulates further progress and prevents regression of the pathology (cartilaginous regeneration of joint surfaces, etc.)
  • maintenance of results achieved
  • preventative care on a regular basis (i.e. baseball pitchers, golfers, dancers, gymnasts, etc.)

It should be readily apparent that the usefulness of these systems is unlimited. Athletes, arthritis sufferers, patients with chronic back problems, psoriasis and other dermatological problems, once they acquire a system, find that treatment becomes a prerequisite to improved functional levels and often purchase additional systems for other members of their family.

Ideally and particularly with advanced pathologies, such as stenosis of the spine, severe degenerative osteoarthritis, the Professional System’s three-step treatment is optimal. At the same time, in the many instances described, the Home Units I & II, used in a judicious and timely fashion, achieve a more than satisfactory standard of pain-free function.

For optimal effect, the following criteria should be observed:

  • whenever possible, the correct diagnoses should be established by a healthcare professional
  • frequency of treatment and protocol selections are prescribed in the Clinical User’s Manual, which provides an easy-to-use point of reference
  • if progress is slow or plateaus, customization of protocols invariably provides a solution.

The Home Unit I, which utilizes the large surface infrared array, is the “workhorse” of the system. The Home Unit II is similar in design and content, except that it also includes a large surface red array. The latter will heighten the degree of effectiveness in the treatment of superficial lesions and dermatological conditions, either in combination with the infrared array or in stand-alone configuration. In certain deep-seated lesions, combined with the infrared array, it will also enhance cellular regeneration and the healing process.

Generally, the Home Unit I will be adequate for most pathologies, however as indicated, the addition of the red array adds another dimension and as such is an additional positive factor in the therapeutic equation. The Home Unit I, in most situations, is adequate and additional treatment arrays can always be added at a subsequent date.

After reviewing these guidelines, should you still require answers to certain questions, you may contact your personal therapist or a member of the clinical staff at Meditech International. Suffice it to say, the Home Systems provide the optimal home care currently available on a global basis and should be highly effective in the treatment of the medical conditions listed in the manual.

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