Chronic Pain Report

A recent report indicates that one in three Canadians is now living with chronic pain.

A comprehensive population survey revealed that one third of all Canadians (33%) now live with moderate to severe pain as an ongoing part of their lives. One in six (16%) live with constant pain and one in five (20%) experience pain daily. “This research allows us to grasp the immense scope of the problem that pain is causing within Canadian society,” states Dr. Berry Cesil, President of the Canadian Pain Society.  “It is reaching a never before seen prevalence in the general population and is clearly affecting almost every part of the lives of Canadians from work and productivity to emotional health, self-esteem and family relationships.” “Pain is clearly having an enormous impact upon the lives of Canadians,” said Nakita Nanous, President of SES Research, who conducted the study on behalf of the Canadian Pain Society.  A full third of individuals with moderate to severe pain said that they had lost their jobs as a result of the problem and 50% said that they had experienced a reduction in income. Nanous further commented that 30% of patients afflicted with pain developed depression and anxiety, translating into problems with emotional relationships.  Dr. Cesil also stated the concern that Canada’s healthcare system is not equipped to deal with the immense scope of this problem. Additional documentation indicated that access to effective pain management is poor and when you consider that many healthcare professionals chose their careers in order to alleviate suffering, it is ironic that based on these findings, pets are often getting more effective treatment than humans.  The summary of this report can be found at, a collaborative campaign supported by the Canadian Pain Society, Canadian Pain Coalition and the Canadian Pain Foundation.

Incidentally, I always review with great interest the annual publication by The Arthritis Society in the Globe & Mail.  This consists of six pages documented to highlight the Society’s contributions to the advancement and treatment of arthritis, in an effort to solicit more funds for these “good works.”  Although the Society has collected many millions of dollars over the past ten years, there does not appear to have been any significant relevant data revealed, to determine what it is exactly that they are improving.  My view is that the annual publications and efforts of this Society, are particularly skewed to stimulate donations to their cause; indeed, I question what it is they really do?

Each year, billions are allocated by pharmaceutical companies in their laboratories around the world to find the “elixir” of pain alleviation.  None appear to have succeeded with any significant degree of success, although their advertisements would lead one to believe otherwise.  Like insurance companies, pharmaceutical corporations often reveal in small print that 3-4% of patients are helped by their dynamic new medications!  Is this relevant?

More significantly, particularly in “the age of information technology (IT),” a paucity of information exists in the communications industry regarding Low Intensity Laser Therapy.  It is almost as if this technology does not exist.

At the same time, at Meditech International Inc. we report that pain can be completely eliminated by curing the pathology. In other words, as logic dictates, pain, the symptom, disappears as the pathology is reduced in scope or healed. The focus of Meditech International Inc. has been to cure the problem and this has been successful in over 95% of cases treated.

The majority of therapeutic methodologies, including pharmaceuticals, simply modulate pain − the symptom, rather than adopting the more rational, elegant and effective method of approaching this relatively universal problem by treating the cause. The following comments should provide further insight to those who wish to be enlightened.

The Optimal Solution for the Elimination of Pain

The BioFlex Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT) technology provides healthcare practitioners with a highly effective option in the treatment of patients suffering from chronic and acute pain.

The technology utilizes superluminous and laser diodes to irradiate abnormal tissue with photons; these particles of energy are absorbed by a variety of micro-molecules, resulting in the conversion of light into biochemical energy. Multiple positive physiological responses are thereby initiated and normal cell morphology and function are restored. The process is curative with regard to clinical pathologies rather than modulating symptoms, the conventional approach to the management of pain. LILT accelerates the healing process, eliminates dependence on pharmaceutical and more invasive solutions.

The BioFlex System is currently utilized in 35 countries worldwide, in both hospital and private clinical settings. The technology is being extensively adopted by medical practitioners, chiropractors, physiotherapists, naturopaths and many other healthcare professionals.

To date, over one million treatments have been administered without any adverse effects. This is in contradistinction to the use of pharmaceuticals and other procedures that are ineffective and frequently cause complications. LILT is safe, the treatment of choice in many medical pathologies and no adverse effects have been noted.

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