Laser Therapy Helps Avoid Amputation

The application of our technology continues to bring satisfaction to patients and staff alike. Last Friday, I had the opportunity to see a patient with a pre-gangrenous left foot, an extensive ulcer of the first toe and in a great deal of pain. She had seen seven specialists over two years and had undergone many hyperbaric chamber treatments which incidentally, I feel are always helpful but often difficult to obtain.

Last week, she had been told that her toe and possibly the foot might require amputation in the near future. After only two successive treatments, the patient is pain-free, the foot is warm and pink in colour and the ulcer is beginning to heal. Cases of this type indicate the tremendous need for the work that we are doing.

A recent article by Dr Gifford-Jones , a syndicated medical columnist, reaffirms the existence of the multitude of patients suffering from dermatological conditions, wounds and ulcers of various types, that have been resistant to conventional therapies over many years. In almost all instances after only a few treatment sessions utilizing laser therapy , the positive change is quite dramatic.

We continue to interface with many interested physicians, chiropractors, physiotherapists, etc, around the globe and provide educational opportunities for all who demonstrate interest. Currently, we are completing the topics and speaker's list for the seminar on October 27, which will focus on Laser Therapy in Sports Medicine and the Science of Low Intensity Laser Therapy

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