Daily Archives: June 4, 2007

Meditech Update for June 2007

Meditech is pleased to appoint Bob Izsak as Senior Vice President of the company. Bob assumed his duties on April 16 and is already making his presence felt. His initial task is to evaluate the various departments in the company, i.e. clinical research and education, the therapeutic division, sales and marketing and engineering. He has already indicated that all require a constant sense of rededication, focus and the maintenance of a consistent level of function.

The company itself now has over fifty employees and this does not account for the manufacturing division under the auspices of RMF, which accounts for another twenty-five. Our particular concerns at this time are the maintenance of technical and clinical support for all BioFlex System users. The establishment of a new department to deal with these issues is contemplated at this time. Improvements in engineering, system function and education of the professionals and the public continue to be our main focus.

Events planned for the next four weeks consist of:

Evening Seminars

  • Vancouver, BC – June 7
  • Peterborough, ON – June 19
  • St Thomas, ON – June 21
  • Phoenix, AZ – June 21
  • Barrie, ON – June 25

Certification Training

  • Toronto, ON – Patient Training for Home Units – June 14
  • Toronto, ON – June 15-17
  • Toronto, ON – June 22-24

Trade Shows