Promoting Change Through Education

Last week in Edmonton, two seminars were conducted by Slava Kim and Mike Patterson. At one seminar, twenty-five therapists attended; at the other, fifteen. This coming weekend, June 1 and 2, we are hosting seminars at our facility in Toronto and another in Vancouver. Approximately fifteen attendees will be present at each of these meetings. Meditech finds these encounters rewarding, as do the attendees.

It certainly is a realization of our philosophy that much can be accomplished through education . Providing knowledge to the professional community permits us to disseminate knowledge to all sectors with the end result benefiting thousands and hopefully millions of patients who are not achieving relief through conventional methods.

Providing technology to larger groups of motivated therapists, we feel, will lead to advanced laser therapy system installations in an increasing number of clinics, hospitals, and other medical locations worldwide. Producing positive patient outcomes, replacing outmoded methodologies, and focusing on curing pathologies rather than symptom modulation is clearly the way of the future.

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