Fred Kahn, M.D. FRCS(C) reflects on 30 years as a leader and innovator in Laser Therapy.

10/11/18 1:08 PM

One of the key features of this website – providing a wealth of medical knowledge, commentaries, case studies and other data – is replicated between 2004 and 2018. Included in this pertinent collection of matters relating to medicine, health care management, advances in Laser Technology, etc. reflect Dr. Kahn’s experiences over many years as a physician, a highly specialized surgeon, and the contributions of many aspects of BioFlex Laser Therapy, representing a new and exciting technology.


The BioFlex Series of Laser Therapy Systems are unique with their flexible arrays, protocols, method of application, and unparalleled levels of effectiveness. The legion of thousands of cases of healing, which patients often describe as miraculous, are non-ending and occur frequently. Many of those reflect patients whose conditions were not relieved over many years of treatment by a variety of conventional and traditional therapies.

The blog describes how over 30 years, four therapeutic platforms were developed. The first was focused on musculoskeletal problems, arthritis, sports injuries and soft tissue injuries. The second for wound healing, including stasis ulcers, lesions secondary to atherosclerosis/diabetes, surgery and other forms of trauma. Platform number three is focused on dermatological conditions such as eczema/dermatitis, psoriasis, acne and scars.


The last, and perhaps most exciting, reflects treatment for neurological conditions, primarily cerebral concussion, also known as traumatic brain injury. The precise, consistent and reliable treatment protocols for these conditions are unique and bring patients from around the globe to our Meditech Clinics in Toronto.

At this time, Meditech International is either marketing or completing protocols for three Professional BioFlex Therapy Systems, the two MultiPorts only being completed recently, which in addition to a high level of functionality, present a high technological appearance. In addition, there are five Personal Systems, some of which are awaiting regulatory approvals. With the increasing awareness of BioFlex Laser Technology, Meditech has made and will make an even greater contribution to quality healthcare over the next two to three decades.


The blog also contains some key material from the four textbooks Dr. Kahn has written, the many Laser Reports published over the years, and hundreds of articles gathered throughout the literature, etc. All of these reveal many insights with regard to the quality of healthcare, levels of effectiveness, and many other important matters. These writings cover over 60 years of medical practice, observations, changes – some of which are not for the better, at least with regard to the patient.


Medicine has become overly commercialized with considerable loss of focus for the patient’s welfare in the struggle to divide the monetary pie. Gatekeepers comprising governments, insurance companies, bureaucrats, etc. continue to erode quality health care, and so-called managers of healthcare systems for the most part do not understand the practice medicine but nevertheless make all the rules. As a result, the majority of physicians frequently fail to bring their skills to the office, and if an employee of another organization, act like most other employees. Fortunately, most professions do not deal in matters of life or death.

Dr. Kahn covers many of these issues in depth and stresses the need to review and improve health care at all levels.